Cutting the legs & wings off

My mother in law tells a joke.  It goes like this….

One Thanksgiving, a young wife began preparing her first turkey.  She follows the process handed down to her by her mother.  Safely thaw, remove giblets, rinse, brine, rub with butter, cut off the wings & legs.  Her new husband, trying to not rock the boat, gently asked her about this last step.  He had never seen this done before.  “Why do you do that?” he inquired.  Her response.  “That’s the way my mom did it.”   She was now curious, never realizing that this wasn’t standard practice in all kitchens.  So she called her mom and asked the same question.  “Why.”  Her mom replied.   “That’s the way my mom did it.”  Now, seeking a better answer, she called her grandmother.  “Oh” grandmother replied “my oven was too small, so that was the only way the turkey would fit.”

What is meant as a humorous story makes a profound statement on what we do as parents and as teachers.  We do what we know, we do what we’ve always done, but how often to we stop to ask “Why?” and change our habits to reflect the answer.


Time is so precious, that we need to make sure that everything we do is purposeful and for a good reason.

Take the time to ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”  “Is this the really best way to achieve my goal?” “Am I only doing this because this is what I know?”

“Is it still relevant?”

If the answer isn’t satisfactory, be brave and leave the turkey whole.


3 thoughts on “Cutting the legs & wings off

  1. Kelli- I love your thinking! I believe change for the sake of change is not productive, but educators need to ask tough questions about why we continue to do things the same way. We need to take the time for reflection.


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